Friday, November 25, 2011

your Kindness

i won't forget this, you know?
someday, when our smiles have etched creases around our eyes,
I will remember,
how you've always been
by my side.

We laughed when you had to spoon feed me,
and brush my teeth.
when you wiped the blood off my face
you said
"it was like this at the group home"
and you were happy.

i think you're beautiful.
the way you sleep on the floor to be near me.
the way you smooth my hair
and wake up on the hour to care
for me

Strong enough words could not be written
to tell you
just how grateful I am for you,
just how much faith I have in you.

Tall man, broad shoulders, and so much power,
and yet you are pudding inside,
soft and sweet
enough to stoop beside
and make yourself a
servant to the tiny thought of me.

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