Sunday, November 27, 2011

mouth disease

just because you can write
doesn't mean I should listen
just because you can speak
doesn't mean you should be heard

your brothy mouth is where
a fleshy corpse would boil
if it stayed a moment
to hear your toxic words

i don't think the good Lord
intended those lips
to love the sewer so much
and I don't think anyone healthy
would want to hear that nasty black story
that you invented;
       to gain your audience,
       make yourself feel 
       like a broadway singer
but your 'poor me' feather scarf
is made up of
children's broken hearts
and your red dress
is blood
slurped and
from the rattling tears of innocence

Go and Hide in shame!
your pretty face won't bring praise.
your tongue has made
even the Doctor
with a cure
and found your future dimmer
than ever before


  1. yes. you have a great sense of rhythm. i really like the way this flows. reminds me of Dylan when he goes on a tear as in Positively 4th Street. pretty sweet gardenia girl.

  2. thanks Gerry. just starting out in the blogosphere so feedback is well received. Dylan certainly understood the feeling that I had while writing this although I'd never claim to describe something as well as he could. thank you though! now if i could just learn to play guitar...