Saturday, November 26, 2011

This Dress by Maria

this dress holds
no meaning
for me anymore
its hem
has touched
the most filthy
of streets
it's color looks flashy
and desperate
love me it screams
wear me out
and i, turn away
reaching for that pale one
in the back of the closest
the one I've been thinking
of for a while
but never quite caught my eye
this dress only looks good
on me
when your holding my hand
I wanna wear it out
my hands
their all trembly
as I fasten the little buttons one by one
                     Im shining like the sun as I
                     twirl and spin
                     and dance with
                     my daddy again
                     your hands are big
                     big enough to hold my life,
                     my world
                     looks small wrapped inside them
                     spin me around
                     faster and faster
                     till the world dissapears
                     and all that's left
                     is you and me,
                    this dress,          and                         

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