Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Word to Abusers

I’m sorry that you were treated so bad
that you feel you have to act like that
                             in order to feel good?

I’m so incredibly sorry
on behalf
of whoever slammed your face in the dirt
and made you hurt;
       the bloody shirt of Jacob
ripped right off of you

there’s just no way
that you can play
like the hatred inside of you
is something you love
that the venom
you spill
you are
             (in control of

Not me.
i'm Not Your Property)

I am so sorry for
the things that scared you so much
you grew afraid of touch
retracted and got bitter

It was wrong
what was done to you,
sinking in the bathtub
holding you down til you can’t get up
making sure to break your heart
so much
that it can never love again

I am deeply sorry for you.

I am not about to take the blame
for the shame that you feel,
for the things that you smash 
when you can’t face what’s real.
No, I didn’t cause that.

and just because 
someone spit 
in your face back then
is no excuse for you to pretend
that’s it’s okay to get revenge 
on Me

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