Friday, November 25, 2011

Cancerous Memories

Cancerous memories
and the therapy makes you sick
but you still slip between its sheets
if forgetfulness has promised to befriend you

when you have given every

        of you
and your blood flows
when they speak
and your oxygen
         is the heat
of their fingers’ breath
on the
          of your skin
and when the
sleep that you dream
comes awake
in their eyes

sabotage is the only escape

when he takes the fragile fetus
of you
and tears it from its home inside his ribs
when he burns
the cord that ties
sharp scissor snap
and charcoal burns
and casts
it into worlds unknown

the pain can only come with a drowning of the
thing that holds the memory

I had to carve through
nerve and sinews
force frail hands to
pry apart the
cartilage and bone
that had attached
me to you

and then somehow

leftover scraps
had been made
of my heart

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