Saturday, January 11, 2014


Last night,
while warmed by grey and yellow vines,
I saw your soul flicker.

With my heart on its knees
And with words not belonging to me
the view that formed
Thawed one particle of you,

And quick
Like a dancing firefly

I saw
the launch of us,
Bigger and stronger
than cast iron cages
Soaring from
The attic window

Friday, January 10, 2014

All the Pretty Crashing

you have ruined me good
to the point that i want nothing but You,

to the point that everything
is flavorless

   True kiss

and everything
is plain
   blazing eyes
   That i can't stop

i blame you for this wonder,
i blame you for this opening,
i blame you for this apathy,
about Anything not

because you are
        so sweet
and you taste 
         so good
that my heart
         is full
and my hunger
for anything but
         of You

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

you will really know love when you are nothing

you saw me
when a skeleton, I was,
with not even a feather
to warm me.

                 Before this,

there had been decades
of warm meals,
steady enough to believe in
And large eyes, so beautiful,
they turned me to
 a Fool,
somehow surprised
by the spit on my face
and the direction of laughter.

in the alley, there,
tender & starved,
you found me,
unable to breathe
or cry,
or believe anymore

and with hands Larger than my soul,
you gripped the cancer from within my bones,
ripped it out of me with kisses,
while patches of flesh
grew beneath your breath,
Your life
climbing into my callow veins,
You were Nothing Left
and Everything to me

at the same time

Friday, January 3, 2014


These things you are/aren't saying
are worse than Bricks

We smash
Ballistic glass
til we're sleepy
and bleeding

My dear love,
how did we end up
here in Babylon again today?
rushing at one another
all wrong

let's chase the place
where the Gold melted into water
and let our Chacos fill with sand
holding hands until we're

We are the only ones left
for each other
you know
That's how we started
That's how we must go.

Let's quiet down
and hear each other now
Let's silent down
and turn each other
back toward the Sun
back toward what brings us together

to Stay There

This is it.

This is what you need. 

All you need.

And where you stay.

This is where you live

In that minute

Where you’ve felt it.

All the shame on your shoulders taken away.

All the blame removed and the heartache softly touched.

And the joy in the cleanness.
And the floor hitting gratefulness,
of an unknown tenderness
           holding you until you stop squirming away.
           holding you until you heal.
           holding you until 

No words
And no deed,
And no winter
And no wounds
can define or deface you