Friday, November 25, 2011

i hate 'Christians'

okay, it's true. i do. and i always have.
hated the people who say "I'm a Christian"
"are you?"

i hate how they act
like it's all nice and neat and fits into a petite
little box
Like being 'a Christian' is a type of cologne you wear
or the way you do your hair
or maybe Spanish club

and when i was a kid i hated them more
i even swore
i'd NEVER be like them
walking around
talking about how
everyone else sins
telling their children
"you can't hang out with them"
because they are bad

good thing I later figured out
that most "Christians"
don't have a clue about Christ

because if I know anything at all,
i know that He didn't walk around
hanging out with a perfect crowd,
i know He didn't look to be powerful
or have money
or wear the right shoes
or tell women to wear skirts
or wash away the dirt
that covered them
before He came to them

no, I'm pretty sure most "Christians"
should just be called "clueless" about Christ

because He didn't tell people
to "pray for others" as much as
He told them "come to Me"
He had no interest in those that
considered themselves good
and considered themselves clean

He didn't look for people of prestige
with fancy cars
and diamond rings
at all

May I be bold enough to say for a minute
that maybe even Jesus hates "Christians"?
at least He has to hate
when they get
all puffed
like blowfish floating around like
they know
when they don't know this:
the only thing worth knowing is
that we don't know anything at all

if being a "christian" means following Christ than
they better get on the ball

or change their name to something
that better describes
the taste of vomit in a person's mouth


  1. Wow this was so well written. I grew up in Religion and that is what I hate. I hate people who are Religious. Those that judge,and have rules and rituals. To me that is not ok. however I am Christian. I have a personal relationship with God. There is a difference let me tell you! Hope you are well!

  2. That's exactly what I'm talking about. Unfortunately when people think about the word 'christian' they think of religious people. I don't really hate anyone. . .but the word Hate was a good word to describe the feelings I have toward religion itself. Religious people drove me away from Christ for a long time. It's hard to find Him in the middle of all the yucky lies and misrepresentations about Christianity.