Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Scent-sational Discoveries

Okay, maybe another play-on-words-title is a little carried away, but all the over-stimulation from a thousand new fragrances has me feeling a little giddy. Before now, I really had no idea that the olfactory center was so directly connected to a person's moods not to mention all the other capabilities I suddenly have.

Among them, the ability to clean out the refrigerator without the aid of my employees or husband. I've learned what yogurt smells like when good and then again when bad so I have a reference point and know when to toss it out. I also learned the difference between good and bad  milk, meat, cheese, and eeeeww...fettucine alfredo.Perhaps some of these discoveries are slightly less than pleasant, but I still feel strongly appreciative.

I also appreciate the fact that (sharing violation ahead) I can 'scents-or' my dirty laundry. You know, I can decide whether or not to re-use yesterday's towel or re-wear yesterday's sweatshirt based on their odor or lack there of. That might not be a big deal to some, but for me it means saving valuable time washing clothes that need not be washed...particularly for my husband who does not discriminate between clean and dirty when littering the bedroom floor.

In other nasal news, a few tasks have transformed from chores into great opportunities. Grinding coffee is euphoric, washing the bathroom sink with lemony Lysol wipes...pure exhilaration. Routine hand washing has become quite a treat and I'm grateful for my two kitchen and three bathroom sinks that give me five excuses to sample new fragrances. Turns out that when doing laundry ends up being necessary, I don't mind that so much either. I've even considered switching detergents each month or so just to find that favorite one. Is that normal?

As for one of the two questions I've been asked most often over the last few weeks...'do things taste different now?' The answer is undoubtedly YES! The same enchiladas I've made three dozen times are suddenly too spicy for me, I've resumed black-coffee drinking because plain soy milk tastes strangely sweet, and the flavor journey of dark chocolate now undeniably has more stages than blah and bitter. So a gustatory adventure has certainly begun but I'm imagining realizations will continue to be made, maybe even forever. At least I hope so.

And the most prominent question that owns an ever changing answer is 'what is your favorite smell so far?'. Let's just say it's not small children or animals. Champagne pear Party-Lite Candles, whoa! Vanilla hazelnut coffee, whoa! But nothing yet has beat the fireworks that the clementine orange sets off inside my head. New and unusual dance moves are being created by every punctured rind.

More to come...

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